A Universe From Nothing

by Lawrence M. Krauss

A Universe From Nothing CoverA Universe From Nothing is highly interesting in many ways. Coming from someone who only has basic understandings of physics, learning of many general concepts to help you reach similar conclusions to those of the author already made this read worthwhile, but presenting the number of widely accepted theories in physics pertaining to the fundamental nature of our universe and possible explanations for its origins made this book much more intriguing. I do feel, however, that Krauss leaves more questions unanswered than coming to sufficient explanations to the concepts presented, but it wasn’t necessarily his intention to have all the answers. He piqued my curiosity, and the seeds of curiosity will most likely lead to further reading and, hopefully, blossoming of better understanding of the world around me.

Now, it would be naive of me to ignore the theological implications of this text. We are at a point of understanding where the creation of the universe can be plausibly explained without the requirement of divine intervention. While this may seem to go far toward the disproving of a god or gods, I would go so far as to assure readers that the concepts presented neither prove nor disprove such an existence. Krauss seems to agree with this analysis, expressing that the ideas inherent in A Universe From Nothing merely showcase the theories accompanying real-world observations. (Although, he does make disparaging comments toward religion at almost every turn.) Such interludes from the anti-theist Krauss didn’t bother me in the least, but some readers may find themselves put off as a result.

Do I recommend A Universe From Nothing? I, personally, had to re-read a number of sections that confused me, but I still finished the journey understanding––I think––the vast majority. I suppose a recommendation toward those with at least a basic understanding of the sciences would be an honest one but, to those without such a background, they may be hard-pressed to walk away with the same experience I have.