Write NOWW: Web Compositions

I’ll be moderating an author panel on online writing a week from Friday. Come on out if you want to hear about regularly putting out content and cultivating an online readership! (If our last event is any indicator, it’ll be a blast!) We have a very interesting group at this event, discussing their various perspectives on writing for an online audience. Dahl has a gaming blog, Rats East, Bry produces an attractive webcomic, Welcome to Hereafter, and Leah’s website, Eating Dirt, was voted the #2 blog in Thunder Bay, according to The Walleye‘s Best of Thunder Bay issue.

We’ll be featuring guest posts from the panelists in the lead-up to the event. Leah Wellwood talks about delicate discussions with one of her sons; check it out here. Bry Kotyk goes through his process for creating comics here. And Dahl Botterill runs through his first few battles in a new miniature wargame here.

Write NOWW: Web Compositions Poster