A Marginally Sinful Photo Shoot

In celebration of all things Lucifer, my friends and I decided to model the lovely t-shirts you can get from the Indiegogo campaign. To really do things right, we not only showed off the shirts, but our modelling session also displayed some marginal “sinning” on our behalf. Without further ado:

Alex eats his dessert before even touching his broccoli:

Pie Time!








Greg often lies about his age to get discounts on food:

Baby Greg








Bill doesn’t use a coaster:

Ain't no coaster here








When Em eats Smarties, she always eats the red ones first:









(She clearly enjoys them very much)







Shaun only eats chips for dinner, the dapper gentleman that he is:

Cut the chips








Hold that pose








Kezia interrupts Daryl to answer her phone:

Talk to the hand






When Bill farts, he blames it on the cat:







Ah, that’s a good one. (Seriously, it’s her.)

A Long, Slow, Good Fart






Shauna refuses to read any full text; she will only skim the Cole’s Notes:

Coles Notes







Daryl attaches Legos to Mega Bloks:

Attach Them!








I don’t trust that look in his eyes:

Don't Craze Me, Bro!








(I don’t think that little man does, either.)









Joanne likes “cooking” with wine. Greg doesn’t find this lack of food amusing:

Wine for Dinner






(He’ll get over it.)

All Okay






Tabitha drinks milk straight from the carton:

Carton Milk






And it goes very well for her:

That didn't work








Up my nose








If you want to have this much fun, you should check out this link.

Sexy Man








(Banana was clearly not impressed with all these shenanigans.)