Big announcement today

I’ve been writing regularly again for a little while now, but it’s been different than what I’ve been posting in the past. I’ve been honing my skills at essay writing, and I think I’m about ready to start sharing, starting next week. The current plan is to post monthly, but I may do so more frequently if I get a bit of a build-up of finished pieces. (So far, each of my essays has taken quite a bit of reading, prep, and editing before it gets to the condition you’ll get to see, and the process definitely isn’t fast. I may get quicker eventually, but I suspect that my efficiency is unlikely to improve substantially on topics that require an in-depth reading and analysis of literature. This means that there are probably more obvious limits to the quantity of my posts, though hopefully not to the quality.)

I’m interested in writing about a wide variety of topics and issues, and I’m going to do my best to cycle through topics. So, if I hit on something that isn’t of great interest to you, hopefully that changes the following month. Although all this is different than what I’ve regularly written in the past, I hope those who have followed my writing will give these essays a try. I’m still learning and developing this form, so feedback is definitely appreciated. And please consider sharing pieces on social media when you enjoy them; it really helps me out.